RESOLUTIONS FITNESS              It's not a program, it's a Lifestyle!

Cornelius Barnes, Owner


RESOLUTIONS FITNESS Boot Camps give each member a fun, interesting and personally challenging way to become fit in a comfortable, non-competitive, small group setting.  Workouts include a variety of strength and conditioning drills that will give each member measurable results.  A Resolutions Fitness Boot Camp is a valuable tool for anyone dying to get out of the boring gym environment and achieve their personal fitness goals.

Our members train in a Boot Camp Style environment, both indoors & outdoors. We use integrated training to challenge each member to reach their own personal goals in a non-competitive environment.  Training will involve:

  •  Strength Training
  •  Cardiovascular and VO2 Training
  •  Kickboxing Drills
  •  Free Weight Training
  •  Calisthenics
  •  Posture Deviation
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Nutritional Training

Our members will also participate in water aerobics and water endurance training as well as work using treadmills, elipticals and jump ropes.

Members will get personal training results in a fun group training environment!