*  At Home Personal Training

*  In Office or at our Gym

*  Triathlon Training

*  Boot Camp

*  Weight Loss Program

*  Strength Training

*  Muscle Endurance Training

*  JKD/Self Defense/Boxing/MMA

*  Flexibility and Agility Training

*  Custom Diet and Nutrition Plan

*  Rehabilitation and Wellness

*  Buddy Training and Group Sessions

*  Body Age Assessment



Cornelius Barnes, Owner
Resolutions Fitness at
Dublin Fitness Gym
7100 Village Parkway
Dublin, CA 94568
Office: 925 230-8579
Cell: 832 758-7516

Bachelor of Arts - Physical Science Sports Medicine NASM - C.P.T., I.S.T.




Personal Training

from $100/ month


RESOLUTIONS FITNESS              It's not a program, it's a Lifestyle!


Cornelius Barnes, Owner


Triathlon Training

Group Classes
from $350/ month

Achieve your goals

RESOLUTIONS FITNESS will help each client reach their own Personal Fitness goals.  We achieve this by using a proactive team approach with our clients.  This approach is directly responsible for the success that Resolutions Fitness clients are able to achieve.  Elite trainers hold degrees in various fields of Kinesiology and/or Physical Therapy.  Each trainer also holds National Fitness Training Certifications.

Boot Camps

Group Classes
from $150/ month


Group Classes
from $200/ month